Your Leadership Matters

Month 6


When you make the space and time in your schedule to align your priorities and identify ways to delegate, you get more of your precious time back. However, too many managers waste both time and energy performing tasks that others could do faster or better. Assess your delegation productivity ratio; how often are you doing tasks that someone else could perform? Watch this month’s video to find out how to identify time to focus, and allow yourself to better understand the area of opportunities.

Tip of the Month

Sharing tasks and responsibilities gives others on your team the opportunity to rise to the occasion and build competencies.

Manager Coaching Video
Activities for you to take action

Help her gain visibility of her achievements in front of senior leadership by mentioning her completion of the BLI program and by sharing her impact from your perspective.

  • Attend our company-wide BLI virtual graduation webinar as scheduled.  
  • Schedule time to hear her present her Learning & Leadership Journey Presentation
Putting it into Action