The Power of Interpersonal Communication and Connection

Month 1


According to Harvard Business Review – 2 out of 3 managers are uncomfortable communicating with employees. Most of us know that employees find it hard to talk to their bosses. However, the truth is this – the foundation of high performing teams is solid relationships. How can you help build solid relationships on your team? You can start by committing, meeting, appreciating, asking, as well as drafting your own MVP+P. Watch this month’s video for details.

Tip of the Month

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Manager Coaching Video
Power Moves

This month, we suggest 5 power moves for you to activate

Commit – Meet – Appreciate – Ask – Draft Your MVP+V

Activities for you to take action
  • Familiarize yourself with the BLI Manager Portal
  • Review the Perception Reflection survey and submit it to your direct report
  • If you haven’t done so, please fill out manager pre-assessment survey, located in the “Pre-Program” section of the portal.

Discussion Questions for your first meeting with your direct report

  • What highlights did she gain from filling out the Perception Reflection survey?
  • What does she hope to gain from participating in the BLI?
  • Has she been able to put time towards building out the M.V.P+V? How is that going?
Putting it into Action
Calendar of Important deadlines and events
Did you complete your survey?
Did you sign up for the Manager Masterclass?