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As your direct report prepares to complete this 6-month journey, we ask that you play a critical role in helping her prepare to present her Leadership & Learning capstone presentation with key leadership in your organization. We trust you have seen meaningful changes and your relationship has grown as you both have focused on building your leadership competency. Please be sure to share with us the impact, as well as your learning and observation through our post-assessment webinar. We look forward to seeing you at graduation!

Complete Post-Assessment Survey
If you have not received an email from “Zoho” titled “BLI Post Assessment Survey” with instructions to take the survey, please click here to complete.
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Deadlines and Events
Deadlines and Events
Deadlines and Events
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Share your story

Want to share your insights and experience with others? So you have a story to share that highlights the steps you have taken to be a great inclusive leader? Please submit your story to be a part of our “Put It Into Action” video series.

Calendar of Important deadlines and events
Please speak with your direct report and your Project Leader regarding the Leadership and & Learning Journey Presentations
Please speak with your Project Leader regarding the actual Graduation date