Coaching through Conflict

Month 5


Conflict is inherent in relationship. Do you or your direct report tend to avoid conflict altogether, seek to accommodate the other party to her detriment, engage in competitive or aggressive behaviors, or work toward compromise and collaborative outcomes? Watch this month’s coaching video to learn more tips on how to navigate to conflict terrain.

Tip of the Month

“Self-awareness is the greatest strength in leadership.”

– Lauren Richardson, Chief Procurement Officer, Colgate Palmolive

Manager Coaching Video
Power Moves
Five Power Moves in Coaching through Conflict
Assess + Own Conflict + Address Confrontation + Take Inventory + Practice Empathy
Activities for you to take action

It’s time to review progress on her 90-Day Personal Brand Action Plan. It is likely to evolve over time, so keeping connected and sharing what you are observing or hearing in regards to positive behavior shifts will help to reinforce her hard work. Start to plan the opportunity for her to share her experience with key leaders at the end of the program.

Putting it into Action
Calendar of Important deadlines and events
Help your direct report prepare for a Leadership & Learning Journey presentation.