Allyship: The Power to Elevate and Celebrate

Month 4


Advocacy is a verb. Use your position, your influence, your network, your own experiences, and reputation to advocate for her. We often hear that women are talked over, or even ignored while in the room. As an advocate, you can use your influence to ensure her voice is heard.

Tip of the Month

“Take the feedback and make a commitment to demonstrate how you will show up for her in support.”

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Power Moves

Five Power Moves for Allyship: The Power to Elevate and Celebrate
Praise + Amplify + Introduce + Advocate + Innovate

Activities for you to take action
  • Ask to review her pitch
  • Help her to identify and create alignment between her work and the life she wants to live
  • Elevate her and celebrate her achievements
Putting it into Action